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Gmail account definitely has the largest capacity for storing emails and sending emails with a large load of data than the other email accounts. Because of this, people have resorted to using Gmail than the other email accounts. With this, Sofrayt is very glad to have developed GetSmile smiley software for Gmail. Now, sending emails using Gmail is not as boring as before because of the advent of the Smileys or emoticons standing side by side with words for your messages to become full of pathos and zest. Now, your emails will be livelier and more interactive because of the expressive emoticons. They are developed to make your emails full of life and expressive.
Words are never enough to get through your thoughts to another person. Sometimes, too, words may make a negative impression. For example, you want to say that you want to hug the other person who's on the end of the line, but you can't just say “I want to hug you” because it may sound awkward to the other person. Instead, you may employ an emoticon to express your longing to hug him/her. That way, you can get through your thought through the help of these smileys.
Even a simple smile will mean a lot to the other person. And a smile is not something which you could convey in words. It is seen, just like what this cute smiley faces do.