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Imagine yourself chatting with your online friends using MSN instant messenger but without the cute little smiley faces more popularly known as Smileys or Emoticons. It would be boring and somehow, the feelings and emotions that you want to express can be delimited by the mere use of words. Indeed, actions speak louder than words. Without smileys, the cyberworld will be lifeless. With the advent of these message enhancers, instant messaging has become livelier and more fun.
With the demand for more reactive and virtually alive emoticons, GetSmile is offering you just the right choices for well crafted and perfectly designed smileys which will cater to the needs of the users. There are certainly great advantages of choosing the GetSmile smiley software. These include the following: with GetSmile, sending emoticons is a lot easier because the user only has to select the chosen emoticon by clicking it, or by dragging and dropping it to the GetSmile window. Surely, this is a fast way of sending these cute smiley faces.
Another advantage of using the Getsmile smiley software is that when you send an emoticon to the person at the end of the line, that person doesn't have to download the software that you use because GetSmile sends these smileys not as codes but as real emoticons. Yes, people at the end of the line can certainly receive the emoticons as you send them, without requiring them to have the same software that you use.
Aside from those astounding features of the smiley manager, GetSmile also offers a wide range of smiley collection. GetSmile comes with 2000 emoticons and you can store thousands of smileys by grabbing existing smileys from the Internet. It's fun and pretty cool.
What is very outstanding about the smiley software and manager, aside from those mentioned is that it is metaphorically speaking, universal, in some sense. Why? Simply because this software works not only in instant messengers but can also be used in many other media like emails, blogs, and forums. It is also absolutely safe to use.